iPas has Launched, are you on board?

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  1. iPas has officially launched and the new iPas  office looks amazing and is nicely polished, to see what the buzz is all about and gain freedom go to http://jvanallen.ipastour.com/cj/opt/lifestyle

iPas launch expected to be 1st week of may

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The official launch of iPas is almost here and we are all briming with excitement and optimism to learn more about all the awesome products , services and opportunities that iPas has to offer that could truly change your life,  click here http://jvanallen.ipastour.com/

iPAS = financial freedom

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iPAS stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems
 iPAS is a complete business model that enablesskills to start with, then let our staff manage ever aspect of the business while you learn the ropes. at your own pace, you can slowly begin taking over your business one step at a time. iPAS is the result of what we have done in the past 5 years, but understand that it is a collaboration of our success systems in conjunction with a great deal of resources to provide you with the best possible business alliance. We have taken our model and rendered it to a staff of over 47 people to give you a comprehensive business management  solution, providing you with the key elements needed to move beyond a startup business. 
the beginner or advanced entrepreneur the ability to outsource and delegate their weaknesses while focusing on their strengths. If you don’t have any business
 The iPAS system focuses on four major key elements, these are the elements that made our success possible and are now available to you under one roof…this is iPAS. The first key element is development, iPAS provides you with powerful websites, sales letters, results driven autoresponders, videos and everything needed to deliver a compelling sales presentation.                   http://jvanallen.ipastour.com/

Hello world!

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What ipas is… 

• A complete business system, encompassing all the necessary elements of a successful business.

• A dynamic brand that allows you to build off of the credibility and history of iPAS. iPAS presents a simple strategy to building a business with complete customization and flexibility.

• Everything you need to be successful including, products to sell, websites, presentation materials, marketing and business support and strategy.

• For anyone who wants to have their own business with minimal risk and maximum leverage. iPAS caters to all ages, nationalities and experience levels.

• A foundation for you to be able to start a new business, manage the business and grow the business at your own speed.

• Costs a fraction of what it would cost to start a traditional business. iPAS gives you the freedom to work where and when you want.

• Designed by entrepreneurs who know what it takes to start a business from scratch in their homes.

• Available in over 50 English speaking countries worldwide.

• Creates a vehicle for anyone to have a home business and change their financial situation. iPAS will provide in demand products to sell but also recommends others to help build multiple streams of income.        http://jvanallen.ipastour.com/